Sanford (Orlando), FL

Price $5,500,000
Cap Rate 9.55%
Property Type Retail
Property Use Consumer Electronics
Lease Type NN
Remaining Term 7 yrs
Building Size +/- 30,000 SF
Current NOI $525,000


Outstanding Store Sales

The Sanford hhgregg is purportedly among the top 10 stores in terms of sales. For 2012 through 2014, the average Sanford sales were ~$480 per square foot, revealing a healthy 3.7% rent-to-sales ratio.

Florida Commitment

hhgregg has launched a “Grand Reopening” store redesign campaign, and the Sanford location is among the first to benefit.

Adjacent multi-family development

The Residences of Seminole is a 175 unit apartment community and is slated to begin development in early 2016. The Class A project will boost area households and attract consumer dollars to area retailers.

Strong Retailer Submarket 

hhgregg is well positioned within a concentrated and established retailer marketplace including Michaels, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Marshalls, Target, as well as a variety of nationally recognized restaurants. 

Well positioned big-box retailer

hhgregg is an industry leading appliance and electronics retailer. With over seven (7) years remaining on a corporate backed lease, the Sanford hhgregg big-box is well positioned for the near and long term.

Financing Available

The Property has been prescreened for financing by NorthMarq Capital.

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Location Overview

Sanford is a port city in the central region of Florida. It is the county seat of Seminole County. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 53,570. It is a principal city of the Orlando–Kissimmee–Sanford, FL Metropolitan Statistical Area, which was home to 2,267,846 people as of the 2013 census.

Sanford is home to Seminole State College of Florida, the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Its downtown attracts tourists with shops, restaurants, a marina, and a lakefront walking trail. The Orlando Sanford International Airport, which is in the heart of the town and headquarters the Aerosim Flight Academy (formerly the Delta Connection Academy), functions as the secondary commercial airport for international and domestic carriers in the Orlando metropolitan area.

The booming retail activity just west of downtown includes one of the largest malls in Central Florida, The Seminole Towne Center, as well as numerous retail enclaves surrounding the Property. One of the area’s largest congregations of auto and motorcycle dealers is located in this vicinity as well.

Sanford falls within the Greater Orlando MSA, which is best known for its tourism industry that attracts millions of visitors each year. Famous attractions include Walt Disney World Resort, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios. Tourism has brought to Orlando numerous hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls all ranging from low-cost to upscale options.

Metro Orlando has served as a major military defense and aerospace center since World War II. The most prominent defense contractor in the area is Lockheed Martin, which operates both a laboratory and a manufacturing facility in Orlando.

Location Overview

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